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     Individual Investors     

Independent investors invest through private funds of VC's in exchange for equity. G-Co focuses on finding investors within high-income industries that may benefit our ISA holders



     Corporate Investors     

Independent investors invest through private funds of VC's in exchange for equity. G-Co focuses on finding companies with developed STEM programs that could provide mentors to ISA holders, with the goal being helping our members to find positions in their fields




Colleges and Universities can use G-Co to build out their first ISA program or use it in addition to their existing ISA


Private Fund

A communal fund for private and corporate investors to gain equity from


Independent University Funds

Funds specific to our college clients that are funded primarily/entirely from their own resources




 of Income 



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Professionals that have already graduated that need to get out of a private student loan contract or would like to consolidate many loans into an ISA

Accepted applicants would have strong degrees, stable career paths, and good credit.

     University Students     

The university ISA's will act as the sole ISA provider for Uni's or in conjunction with the existing one. Funds will be entirely collected by the University and how exactly they use them is up to the school

Most college funds only cover up to the cost of tuition. Students may also be given access to the Private ISA fund to help pay for room/board

Financial Forecast & Profitability

Greenwood Collective

Income Share Agreement Fund

Total US Student Loan Debt:

$1.5 Trillion

Student loans owed by Black students and professionals:

$300 Million

Student loans owed by Black debt-holders with degrees in STEM, Law, Business, or Medicine:
$125 Million

Total Addressable Market

Servicable Addressable Market

Target Market

Market Capture for G-Co to become profitable:

8% of Target Market or $10 Million

How many students is this and at what average borrow rate?

If we say we only need 85 students in the fund to cover operational costs that's a powerful stat to have

Survey Data

Would you consider refinancing some or all of your loans with a G-Co ISA?

- 122/145 graduates answered yes

Would you invest personally or be interested in encouraging your company to invest in G-Co?

- 36/42 potential investors answered yes




1863 - 1877


"According to the study, the largest slaveholding families in the South took a huge hit after the Civil War—a 38 percent drop at the median and a 75 percent loss among the top wealthiest families between 1860, a peak year for slavery profits, and 1870. But by 1880, many of the sons of those families had already recovered that wealth. By 1900, the sons of the richest slaveholders had not only financially recovered but were wealthier than the sons of families who were just as wealthy before the Civil War, but from mostly non-slaveholding assets and activities."