Greenwood Collective

What is an ISA?

An Income Share Agreement (ISA) is a contract where students agree to pay a percentage of their income after graduation rather than take on debt.

ISA's are not loans, therefore they have no interest and no impact on credit.


What Makes the GCo ISA different?

Our ISA's are designed for students to pay less over the lifetime of their agreement than they would if they were to take a federal or private loan.


Use our comparison tool below to see how the GCo ISA might compare to other loan options:



We also offer an 8 month grace period so that students can get on their feet after graduation. The GCo-Sphere, our financial platform, helps our members stay on-top of their budget once payments begin.



GCo admits applicants that have a demonstrated history of success. We connect our ISA holders with mentors in their industry to help propel them in their careers. Members also benefit from:

  • Scholarship Opportunities

  • Private Career Fairs

  • Company Referrals

  • Financial Advising

The acceptance process is highly selective. We reach far beyond academic performance, taking a holistic view of our applicants abilities. Factors that may influence admission include:

  • Field of Study

  • Virtual Interviews

  • Extracurricular Involvement

  • Internships

  • Project Portfolio

Our Mentors

Are Invested...


Most of our mentors have invested money into the GCo fund, receiving returns when ISA holders pay back on their agreements. When ISA holders get higher paying jobs, the percentage of income that they contribute increases, which leads to higher returns for the mentors.

This unique ecosystem encourages our mentors to propel the careers of our ISA holders, and leverage their personal network to recruit new talent.


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